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Montgomery County, Texas DWI Lawyer TX Criminal Defense Attorney Doug Atkinson

Texas penalties for intoxication offenses are very severe and can have a lasting impact on your life. If you have been arrested for a drunk driving in Montgomery County, Texas you are facing jail time, large fines, loss of driving privileges and expensive driver’s license surcharge fees. A Texas DWI conviction may also result in devastating consequences such as the loss of your job, the loss of your commercial license, inability to find a job, insurance rate increases and strains in your personal life.

If you are charged with DWI or any other alcohol related offense you should immediately contact an experienced Texas DWI lawyer. The only way to prevent a DWI arrest from affecting your life is by hiring a qualified DWI attorney to fight for you.

What Montgomery County, Texas DWI Lawyer Doug Atkinson Will Do For You

Conroe DWI Attorney Doug Atkinson recognizes the harsh penalties and devastating affects associated with DWI and will aggressively fight to protect you and your rights. Since 1998, Doug has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with DWI including those with high breath or blood alcohol tests and can do the same for you. Doug has also successfully represented clients charged with DWI involving automobile accidents as well. By investigating the facts surrounding your DWI arrest, Montgomery County DWI Attorney Doug Atkinson will look for mistakes made by the government and develop a strategy to win your case. Law enforcement officers commonly make illegal stops or arrest someone without probable cause. Doug will conduct motions to suppress hearings to get these cases thrown out of court and thus save you from a DWI conviction. If the case goes to jury trial, Doug will use legal arguments to advocate keeping out the field sobriety tests, improperly obtained custodial interrogation, harmful statements and results of the breath or blood alcohol tests. Doug has used these techniques to defend hundreds of clients charged with DWI and will for you as well.

The government has well trained DWI attorneys trying to convict you. They have hundreds of DWI cases on their dockets every month. You cannot defend your case on your own and expect to succeed. It is imperative to hire a skilled defense attorney who is experienced in defending DWI cases. Doug Atkinson has received extensive, specialized training in defending DWI cases and will combine that training with his experience to win your case. Call Conroe, Texas DWI Lawyer Doug Atkinson when you need a skilled attorney on your side.

Time is of the essence! Do not delay in hiring an experienced DWI attorney because there are short time tables already affecting your rights. Be advised that if you are arrested for a DWI or alcohol related offense your driver’s license is at risk of being suspended. You must request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing to defend your license within fifteen (15) days after receiving the notice of suspension from the arresting agency. If you do not correctly request a hearing within the fifteen day time period your driver’s license will automatically be suspended. Call the offices of Montgomery County Texas DWI Attorney Doug Atkinson at (936) 760-0303 to protect your driver’s license. Additionally, if you fail to request an ALR hearing you will lose the opportunity to subpoena the arresting officer, breath test operator (breath test case), and technical supervisor (breath test case) in your case to help further locate errors by the government. Finally, if your case involves a blood test an ALR is vitally important to discover whether or not the government properly took your blood specimen, handled your blood specimen and tested your blood specimen prior to your trial.

Doug Atkinson defends clients charged with DWI, BWI and DUI in several southeast Texas counties including: Montgomery, Harris, Walker, Liberty, Grimes, Madison, San Jacinto, Polk, Trinity and Houston County.

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